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Half of the year is already gone! While most people are planning summer vacations, many people are already looking forward to Christmas right now. Some are so anxious they begin celebrating Christmas in July in anticipation of the cool weather and gift-giving spirit that comes in December.

This year, we decided to give Christmas in July a new meaning. Instead of using this holiday (wait, can we officially call it a holiday?) to commemorate the Christmas season, we are giving you a chance to celebrate Christmas in December and July.

On July 9, 2015, TwistekCase launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce you to our revolutionary smartphone smartcase. It all started when we decided to create a quick and easy way to check our phones and use our phones. We love our iPhones and the cameras on them but kept running into problems like…

  • Dan likes wearing a clip, but gets tired of unclipping his phone to check simple texts and calls.
  • Being avid skiers, Judi and I wanted to film each other so we could improve our skills and perform “movement analysis,” but do not want to buy a separate wearable camera. We don’t want anything sticking on our helmet that the ski bar can hit. Besides, filming from the chest is more stable than filming from your bobbling head.
  • Let’s face it, selfies are fun, but not when you can’t hold the phone very well. And timed pictures are a joke if you are trying to set your phone on its side as you run to get in the picture. I tried when our daughter visited with her fiancé. I have two pictures of the ceiling and one dark picture of the table it fell on.

Anything we could do to avoid adding another device to our collection of techie gadgets is a winner. Thus, the TwistekCase was developed for the iPhone.

Judi Bruns

TwistekCase launched on July 9, 2015, in celebration of the co-founder’s birthday. It’s also just in time for Christmas!

  We have been working hard to get this Kickstarter launch going for a year and   it’s finally ready just in time for, Judi, the inventor’s birthday today. It’s the     perfect celebration.

 Also, if you help us reach our fundraising goal, we will celebrate again at  Christmas. Backers will receive their own TwistekCase by December 2015.  This of course will require intense planning, but we are up to it. Are you?

 The plan is actually quite simple. We have designed a smartcase that is  wearable and protective for your phone. It will allow you to stop dropping  your phone and stay connected at all times. Now we just need your help to  surpass our funding goal. You will receive rewards and new and exciting color  options as well as have an opportunity to provide feedback on the product by  supporting us as a backer now. We want you to actually use the awesome cameras on your phones in more ways than you have imagined.

TwistekCase has been fun for us and we’re sure it will be fun for you too! Head over to the Kickstarter page and you will see with your own eyes what it’s all about.