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Dan decided to become an entrepreneur one afternoon as he was recovering on his recliner watching CNBC with a cast from his knee down to his toes. He had recently been run over by a snowboarder while teaching a ski lesson on Christmas night that left him with a spiral fracture from his ankle up both the tibia and fibula. His main occupation as a North Carolina Residential Contractor came to an abrupt halt.

Both Dan and Judi started brainstorming for an idea to create something big; a solution to a problem, a missing piece, an idea that would sustain them to engage in missions and help people in all walks of life. This continued as Dan decided to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship at Western Carolina University.   

During this time, Judi was teaching at a nearby high school. One day (among the many previous days) she caught one of her students texting under her desk with her phone. Even though the student was quick and discreet, it was not enough to hide it from Judi. She told Dan about it and they started thinking about how they could keep their phones attached at all times and make checking their phones even quicker… Although teachers would not be too happy with the idea, they knew many smartphone users such as themselves would appreciate it.

That’s when the innovation process began for the TwistekCase. It takes time, but can be very inspiring as well. It was great to hear other’s responses, ideas, and thoughts along the way. We gained a wealth of information by being open to other people’s comments!

We are both Professional Ski Instructors so the use of the TwistekCase to film with and then watch ourselves to improve our skills is awesome! We can easily attach it to a harness and use our iPhones instead of buying more expensive gear. Plus, no matter where we are on the mountain, we easily keep in touch with the base lodge and our supervisor. A lot can happen on a mountain and you need to be prepared for just about anything.

Dan himself is a partially disabled U.S. Veteran, and he recognizes the needs there are for those with disabilities and challenges to be able to use their smartphones quicker and easier. Just the fact that the TwistekCase can help those who are struggling to hold their phones keeps us going.

We have found, talked with, and interviewed people with various disabilities. Those with physical challenges like the easy accessibility and the limited hand use when needed. Those with auditory challenges like the benefit that they can set it up as a viewing stand with many angle options to communicate with friends and family in sign language. Those with visual challenges appreciate the benefit of decreased risk of dropping their phone as well as being able to use their phone while it is attached to them or their bag. They are excited with the anticipation of TwistekCase being brought to the market!

Our overall mission is to help people! Whether it is helping the buyer of the TwistekCase, or what we can do to help others in the world with this business. It’s about people and sharing the love of Christ. We are excited about this opportunity to create a product that will help people directly and indirectly.