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TwistekCase was officially introduced to the world 21 days ago. This multipurpose smartphone case is designed to give smartphone users the protection and connection they want with their phones. Instead of buying wearable technology to replace the phone, we decided to give you technology to wear your phone.  

Capture everyone in the entire group.
Capture everyone in the entire group.

We saw the need back in 2013 and worked with Western Carolina University students to assist with research before moving forward. Now that we have the prototype, we are raising funding to get TwistekCase on the market. Our Kickstarter campaign has been picking up speed as we continue to share TwistekCase with others. TwistekCase passed the $3,000 mark and is now over 22% funded!

As we continue to share the TwistekCase with others, we are finding new ways to use it. This is the most exciting part! Check out Dan in Update #2 on the Kickstarter page. While you are there, go ahead and click the “Back This Project” button and choose a reward to back us with. We have several levels of rewards from $5 to $2000 or more. When the campaign reaches its funding goal in August, your credit card will be debited.

If you’ve read our previous blogs, you know we love lists. So here’s a list of reasons people have backed us:

  1. You just want to help us because you believe in our mission
  2. You just want to help us because you believe in our invention
  3. You just want to help us because you believe in our drive
  4. You don’t have an iPhone but you want it to do well so we can start producing for Android models
  5. You have family and friends that have an iPhone and you think they would want the TwistekCase
  6. You are starting Christmas in July and it would be the perfect surprise Christmas gift! (A totally unexpected gift as no one will be able to buy them in stores yet by then)
  7. You want a cool “get Twisted” hat
  8. You want a cool “get Twisted” shirt
  9. You need an extra hand
  10. You’re tired of dropping your phone
  11. You want to wear your technology without buying wearable technology

For whatever reason you choose, you can donate any amount of money. However, if you donate $43 or more, you can pre-order your very own TwistekCase. There are also 2 rewards available for a contribution of $2,000 or more that will receive a TwistekCase and free ski lessons at any resort in the US for up to 5 people! (Details on the Kickstarter page). With this reward, you get to test your TwistekCase on the slopes with us and use the “TwistPro,” to film like a pro!

Our mission throughout all of this is that it is not all about us. We were inspired to invent this product to help people. Not only do we want to give you a tool to make the technology you already own wearable, but we want you to enjoy life by staying connected and filming your adventures.

This has been an interesting journey thus far. We’re eager to find out where the next 21 days will take us. Join the fun and take a look at the TwistekCase in action before choosing your donation. (The video is totally worth the 3.17 minutes).