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Mobile devices have become a way of life for millions of Americans. The average smartphone user checks their phone 150 times per day. As crazy as it may seem, take a second to think about it. We work, play, walk, sit, drive, shop, make purchases over the counter, make purchases online, exercise, read, type and conduct business with our phones. It is either in our hand, our pocket, purse, or on a clip at our side. It is easy to reach 150 times per day and also frustrating to keep up with a phone or retrieve it from its holding place that many times.

At Twistek LLC, we understand the value of technology and recognize the need to have it readily available. That is why we created a solution that is affordable and appealing to all mobile users. Instead of buying wearable technology, TwistekCase is providing smartphone users an opportunity to wear technology they already own.

Here are 31 smart ways to use the TwistekCase:

  1. Check your phone without taking it out of the clip or having to take it out of your pocket
  2. Prevent dropping your phone and stay connected to it while in motion
  3. Attachable GPS for running, biking, hiking, skiing, driving
  4. Film and iPhoneography
  5. Photography
  6. Security
  7. Screen protection
  8. Selfie extender
  9. Stand/Nightstand
  10. Second screen near the computer
  11. Tool for the deaf to set up as a stand to sign with family and friends
  12. Aid to the physically handicapped for easy access
  13. Aid to the blind for easy safe access and limiting the drop
  14. Groupie stand for pictures
  15. Fitness assessments
  16. Hands-free while working
  17. Attached to prevent theft or losing
  18. Cooking
  19. Record testimonials
  20. Live streaming
  21. Tutorials
  22. Documenting
  23. Shopping
  24. Skateboarding
  25. Fishing
  26. Hunting
  27. Gaming
  28. Geocaching
  29. CrossFit Challenges
  30. Surveillance
  31. Mobile point-of-sale device

This list continues to grow each day as we receive testimonials on new ways to use the TwistekCase. Find out how to get a TwistekCase by visiting our crowdfunding page and selecting a product today.