A unique system that holds your phone for you.

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Product Features

Hands free. Everywhere.

Stop the drop

Your call might drop, but your phone won't. Our patented secure hold technology keeps your smartphone safely on your person and helps avoid the dreaded drop.

A TwistPro?

Maybe. But for sure you need to take advantage of the incredible camera on your phone! Stay safe videoing and skiing behind your friends and film your own black diamond run in the process!

Your smartphone just got smarter

Not using Twistek at the office as a second screen right now? That's OK, doing this (at your other office) is what makes Twistek a multi-purpose system. Film your swing easily now and brag about it later.

Built-in flexible features

We all have challenges, but they do not define us. Accessing your phone should not be one of them. Twistek helps people with different limitations use their phone easier (something we are very excited about)!

Built in selfie extender

Twistek is its own built in selfie stick (well, kind of). Getting everyone in the picture may require just a little more distance...we have it covered,

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